The Body Ecology Diet

Detoxifying cleans, energizes and rejuvenates by using healthy and raw food and drinks to balance a body’s ecosystem. The Body Ecology Diet, designed by nutritional consultant Donna Gates, is designed to improve and maintain optimum health by eating properly. While weight loss is not the primary goal of this diet, many people find the pounds falling off as they learn to eat healthier.

Gate’s diet focuses on balancing the right foods and working towards good intestinal health by adding probiotics, similar to yeast free diets. Body Ecology’s approach is to deal with many health issues by incorporating age-old holistic wisdom, including fermented foods, with modern knowledge of diet.

According to the Mayo Clinic, many health issues are known to be affected by diet, including Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, autism, allergies, diabetes, digestive problems, emotional problems, fibromyalgia, immune disorders, heart disease, obesity, bulimia, and anorexia, just to name a few.

Changing a diet can help improve many health issues.

How to Cleanse with Body Ecology

Raw foods are a very important part of the Body Ecology diet. Start gradually. Body Ecology encourages adding certain things into a regular diet in stages, making transition easier.

Add specific raw and cultured foods into the diet to promote intestinal health.

Add probiotics, from Kefir and fermented foods, and good bacteria back into the digestive system to improve function and allow for better nutrition absorption.

Supplement good fats into the diet, such as flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil.

Reduce sugar and certain carbohydrates. After detoxifying and progressing through the diet, certain foods may be added back in gradually.

Combine foods. According to Gates, food combining is very important to improve digestive function and promote good health. Not only do certain combinations of foods enhance digestion, they also can help with weight loss.

One of the most helpful parts of the Body Ecology diet is that Gates focuses on gradually changing eating habits. Many other eating plans and diets expect people to “cold turkey” into a new way of eating, but Body Ecology encourages incorporating new foods slowly to get used to eating healthier. This approach can be much more successful than depriving and altering foods too quickly.

Take Note

The Body Ecology website has many excellent resources, including books, seminars and products available for purchase. Also included are very helpful menus, recipes and even shopping lists.

Consider this too

Always check with a doctor before starting any diet; especially if there are specific medical conditions present, such as diabetes, which would be influenced by a special diet.

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